📍 Brussels, BE

You can hire me if you need someone to write words (in French), craft images like video editing, or assemble sounds into podcasts for example.

I can brainstorm artistic direction for your project, create content for it and monitor its production.

I can also build workshops in those fields for your institution or company.

I am currently creative director and music agent.


We just started a playlist and microblogging project called « SOSAD » for « Selected: One Song A Day » with Damien.

First batch of « At this Moment » (our summer podcast about music) is fully broadcasted and we’re already thinking about the second one somewhere at the back of our heads while prepping the start of « Amour, Gloire & Chips » new season.

Live shows in front of an audience are starting to be a real thing again so I’ll resume my collaboration a bit more actively with LUIK on concerts production (listen to the brilliant artists they have in their roster !)

The music video we did with Damien for « More » by IIAA is doing well. I’d love to do a more ambitious video for another song. It’s all sorted in my mind, I’m just lacking 30K (so feel free to get in touch if you have that kind of money).

La Goulette, Tunis, summer 2018

Last update : September 2, 2021


I write words (mostly in French).
You can hire me for some copy work, ghostwriting, or if you need an article
on socio-cultural topics.

We alternatively curate a playlist with Damien called « SOSAD » for « Selected: One Song A Day ». It comes with a short anecdote written daily by one of us
(in English this time).

I wrote a few words (in FR and EN) about the making of « More (official video) »
by It It Anita.

When the lockdown started two of my friends initiated the project Li(b)re – online sessions during which people read aloud – and from time to time there are specials such as Li(b)re à toi where we can read personal texts. The text « Un caillou dans la chaussure de ma psy » was written for one of those sessions.

Here are a few words about the making of the mixtape NAAR SUYU #1.

The text « 353,70 la coupe » was the first one I wrote for the Li(b)re à toi sessions. As the other one here above, I think we could say that it somehow comes close to a kind of autofiction mini novel.

When I travel I love to take analog pictures and write post cards. Here is a recollection of those remembrances.

Here a small selection of articles I wrote for the webzine Causes Toujours : (1) To care or not to care. (2) De l’autre côté des barbelés. (3) Zawya, changer de perspective.

I've been a writer and then editor-in-chief of the Drash mag for two years. It's a magazine about skate culture in its broadest sense, from Brussels to all Belgium.


I assemble and edit sounds.
You can hire me for podcast content creation and post-production.


SOSAD square basketball visual

We alternatively curate a playlist with Damien called « SOSAD » for « Selected: One Song A Day ». It comes with a short anecdote written daily by one of us.


ATM podcast visual

We’re launching the first season of At this Moment. A new podcast about music and more specifically about this moment in a song that makes your brain explode.


AGC podcast visual

I joined the Amour, Gloire & Chips team with Damien, Pierre & Benjamin.
You can listen to our podcast on all platforms.


NAAR SUYU mixtape visual

Remember this running joke I've been doing for years now that « yeah I'll soon be releasing my first mixtape called NAAR SUYU » ?! Well that's done now. It was even broadcasted on The Word Radio in Luikster and here are a few words about it.


I craft images.
You can hire me as D.O.P. or video editor, for post-production supervision or artistic direction.


movie stills Tramadol

I went to Tunis to edit Morgane Wirtz’s next documentary.
(more about this around fall)


movie stills MORE

It It Anita released a new album. This is the result of saying « yes » to « let’s shoot a music video due in 2 weeks with no money » : More (official video)
And here, a few words (in FR and EN) about how we made it happen.


movie stills Bengal

While we're all participating in a worldwide pandemic, it took ages to hear a single word from politicians about culture. That's why I decided to edit footages from a concert of Bengal, removing the sound.


imaginary movie stills

I made imaginary movie stills from analog pictures.


movie stills Bengal

I joined Bengal – a Grrrl-post-punk band that I'm now managing – with my camera when they hit the studio to record their first LP « shiv ». The studio report crafted with those footages became the music video of the track « You're Dead ».


movie stills Teghadez Agadez

For five years I've been (post-)prod director at GSARA working with a dream team to provide support to young cinematographers crafting documentary films (complete list coming soon). One of the last project is the movie « Teghadez Agadez » by my good friend Morgane Wirtz.


movie stills Correspondencia

Our desire with Jordi Morató to resume to a more personal approach of filmmaking brought us to the project « Correspondencia » where we sent each other video post cards.